“J. Sawyer & Associates provides expert advice & consultation on creating positive press & building an overall image conducive to the needs of the clients.”

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Services Provided To Our Clients

  • Establishing Social Responsibility Programs
  • Marketing & PR Consultations
  • Media Management
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Image Consulting Services

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    Telephone: (242) 424-1177

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    Address: P.O. Box N445

    Nassau, Bahamas

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    About Our CEO

    1Jerome Sawyer
    Sawyer has covered or reported every aspect of Bahamian life; national crises, political conventions and contentious campaigns, notable births, deaths and marriages, and Bahamian celebrations worth remembering. His career as a journalist stretches beyond the borders of The Bahama Islands as often at a moment’s notice, Sawyer would cover events anywhere, anytime around the world.

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